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Safari Overview

The Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is situated in Lake Victoria twenty three kilometers offshore the Entebbe mainland in Uganda, and its managed by the Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Wildlife Conservation Trust. This island covers an area of approximately 100 acres with a diverse variety of vegetation that is feed on by the chimpanzees in addition to other supplement foods provided by caretakers. The sanctuary is a safe home for orphaned and rescued chimpanzees, and because the great Apes share nearly 97% of the DNA with man, it’s quite impressive to see them.

Each morning, they are released from the holding facility and they freely explore the island feeding on foliage. Supplements like carrots, fruits and other vegetables are given t them by the caretakers and tourists that visit them.

Detailed Itinerary

1 Day Boat Tour to Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary

very early in the morning, our representative from Travel Gorge who will double as your guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the pier in Entebbe from where you will catch a speed boat. The transfer takes approximately 45 minutes to the island.

On Arrival, you will head to the visitor center where you will be given an orientation talk by the caretakers. You will then proceed to the observation platform where you watch the chimps being given their supplement food by the caretakers. Once it’s feeding time, the chimps emerge from the forest since they are familiar with the schedule and move near the fence that separates them from visitors. In case there is a delay in delivering their food, they make a lot of noise as they try to remind the caretakers that it is meal time. As you throw food to them, they keep clapping and making sounds to signal to you to throw to them. Afterwards, you will explore the visitors’ area on the island and later return to the mainland by boat.

Please don’t forget to carry your camera preferably in a waterproof bag considering that there ate chances of contacting water on this primate adventure. In addition you will be able to see various birds including bird species so a pair of binoculars may come handy.

Overnight trips can also be organized so feel free to contact us for further information on Ngamba Chimpanzee Island

Tour includes:

  • Ground transport
  • Bottled water in the car
  • Boat transfer fees
  • Entrance fees
  • Service of an English-speaking guide

Tour excludes

  • Tips
  • Insurance
  • All listed as optional

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