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White Water Rafting, Uganda Adventure Safaris

White Water Rafting, Uganda Adventure Safaris

White water rafting Adventure tours in Uganda can be booked in Jinja a minor colonial city in the eastern part of the country. The River Nile offers Grade Five world class rapids for rafting which makes it a perfect adventure activity to include in your itinerary during your Safari in Uganda. interested holidaymakers have been rafting in Jinja for more than a decade, and rafting the River Nile has become a very big attraction for tourists a reason that best explains why Jinja has been named the East African adventure city. The source of River Nile caters for everyone capability starting from those frightened, having not had the river experience before to the experienced rafters. River Nile is a standard river which has bottomless and calm waters scattered among strong and thrilling waterfalls and masses of different waterways. There is no point where the waters of River Nile are forced to a specific waterway. The numerous rapid in the gentler river islands enables the professional guides to select gentler options for the rafters who do not want to immerse themselves in the water.

The Rafts and Safety Kayaks

Each participant is required to wear a life jacket before rafting starts. The activity is conducted in paddle rafts where expert guides lead a team and everyone joins as a team member. The paddlers are taught in detail on how to well enjoy themselves on the river and how to use the safety kayaks that follow each raft tour. The well skilled, highly trained safety kayakers are international-class paddlers who skillfully trail their kayaks through numerous rapids at the forefront of the raft. Incase people are washed off the raft or it turns upside down, the kayakers are close and can help in getting them back on the rafts.

The Rafting Journey on the Nile

The first kilometers enable our expert guides to train their teams very well on all features involved in River Nile rafting since the tour on the river starts slowly. River Nile gets more adventurous and daring at the Bujagali falls, and shortly after one big rapid follows quickly after another through this section. When the boats are in the wild water reserve – which conserves a unique vegetation cover and wildlife of the gentler river islands on the River; there is a bigger period in the coarse waters however the rapids become more superior and more impressive. The waters of River Nile are very powerful at Itanda which is known as the bad place for that reason; rafters return on the mainland and pass that section of foot while carrying their rafts.

The rapids that are explored on this section of the river range from Grade 1 to Grade 5. You are given a choice of where you want to pass at each of the bigger rapids; either you take the hard path which is in the middle or the simple path which is around the rapid. Democracy prevails here as all of you get to vote which path to take but it will not always go your way if you all fail to paddle in the direction you are supposed to follow for the route you opted for.

Family Rafting Tours

Taking a Family Rafting Tour is a great experience for the entire whole family on holiday. Rather than selecting the major and roughest rapids, opt for the calmer waters as the rafts float quickly in the attractive afforested islands, then bounce on the smaller rapids and in fact give the family an opportunity to explore the various waterways on the Nile.

Where to stay on your Rafting Trip

Our nights on the rafting tour are spent at an attractive isolated island on the River known as the ‘Hairy Lemon’. In the morning, those old enough get an opportunity to river surf the “Nile-Special” a notorious surf wave that is found close to this island. you will use weight-weight boogie boards to take on the waves.

Safety while Rafting the Nile

Each of the rafters is given a helmet and great resistance life jacket specifically made to bounce you to the surface and enable you swim to a safe place through the rapids. All of the rapids have been swum across safely a couple of hundreds of times so need of alarm.

First Aid kits are carried on the boats, and there is a shared water proof casing to for medical supplies and sun screen cream placed at the front of the raft.

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