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Golden Monkey Trekking, Uganda

Golden Monkey Trekking, Uganda

Uganda is a country richly blessed with a variety of primates such as the mountain Gorillas, baboons, chimpanzees as well as a variety of monkeys; however one of the most prominent species is the golden monkey which is very elusive and uncommon, a thing that makes Golden Monkey Trekking a very adventurous and exciting activity.

In Western Uganda is the small but beautiful Mgahinga national park where gold meets silver as the giant mountain gorillas peacefully co-exist with golden monkeys. This is the only place where habituated groups of golden monkey that are open for tourism can be found, making it the best place in the country where these amazing monkeys can be trekked. It is within Mgahinga’s bamboo forests that these endangered monkeys find a safe habitat.  Although Golden Monkey trekking is not as common as gorillas trekking, it is equally as exciting. During the trek, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Virunga volcanoes in the background

Golden Monkey Trekking Permits

In order to go for golden monkey trekking in Uganda, you must have a golden trekking permit and these are issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority the regulatory body that manages all national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the country. we can actually help you reserve the trekking permits on your behalf, however due to the limited number of permits and high demand of tourists interested in taking part in this activity, it is better that you book your permit at least three months prior to your day of the safari.

Cost of Golden Monkey Trekking Permit

Currently the cost of a permit to trek Golden Monkeys is Fifty US Dollars ($50), while in Rwanda it is one hundred US Dollars ($100). These can be obtained from the Uganda Wildlife Offices or booked through your tour agent.

The Golden Monkey Trekking Experience

Within Mgahinga gorilla national park, golden monkey trekking begins at 8 o’clock in the morning. Prior to beginning the activity you will have a briefing by the park rangers who will orient you on the guidelines to follow while in the monkeys’ habitat, what to expect, and how to behave when you see them. You will then be separated into groups and led by guides set off into the bamboo forest to trek the monkeys.

Golden monkey trekking can matched with any other safari activity(ies). In case you are interested in golden monkey trekking in Uganda, you can always combine it with cave exploration, or gorilla trekking or bird watching or mountain climbing and so much more, a think that will make your Uganda Safari Holiday even more interesting and memorable.

What makes Golden monkeys unique?

Golden monkeys possess looks that are one of a kind. They have a good looking and fine striking color, almost similar to gold, a feature from which their name was derived. They are extremely playful and move really fast, so in case you wish to take pictures balance and speed should be your specialty on the camera. The groups open for tourism have been habituated which means that they are familiar with people so they will not run away on seeing you.

Besides the popular gorillas and chimpanzees which are a major attraction for tourists in Uganda, the Golden monkeys are another must-see species on your Safari in Uganda. Even though there are several other exciting safari activities such as mountain climbing, white water rafting, game viewing and gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking is considered as one of the best safari activities in Uganda.

Please contact us today and our team of experts will help you plan a memorable safari in Uganda to see the endangered Golden Monkeys

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